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RTE 2 FM Jennifer Zamparelli show 4th Feb 2021

Jennifer ask's Lowry about MummyHealth and how it helps Mums to be and new Mums.

Lowry Interview Jennifer Zamparelli on 2



Lowry O’Mahony is a chartered physiotherapist and Pilates instructor as well as a proud mother to two young children.

Launching on Monday 1 February, Lowry’s new platform, MummyHealth, hopes to offer advice and guidance for new mothers along their pregnancy journey.

Inspiration for her business struck during the first lockdown when she recognised a gap in the market for supports available to mothers as usual services ceased,

“Prior to COVID, if you had a baby you could do a six-week post-natal exercise class provided by the HSE,” Lowry explains.

“That programme talked through reconnecting with your body after pregnancy. "

“It also gave mothers the chance to meet other moms but that has all stopped since March,” she says.


Farmers Journal 27th Jan 2021

Empowering women during pregnancy
Lowry O’Mahony from Clonakilty, Co Cork, is launching a new online platform that will provide support to both expectant and new mothers


Lowry O’Mahony from Cork, founder of new online platform MummyHealth.


Lowry explains that all new mothers will have concerns as they transition to motherhood and her new business is hoping to connect mothers with validated healthcare professionals in providing the trustworthy information they require.

Among other professionals, Lowry has an obstetrician, psychologist, midwife, lactation consultant and a pharmacist working with her on this new platform.

“Through MummyHealth, we’re aiming to cut through what you see on the internet and provide evidence-based information for mothers and expectant mothers,” she explains. “All of the content we are going to provide is coming from a specialist in [one of these] areas.”

There are a number of different elements to the new platform where both antenatal and postnatal education is available for participants. This includes a forum where women can ask questions of the professionals in a confidential manner.

Exercise classes (such as yoga and Pilates) will also be posted online where postpartum mothers will be guided safely and slowly in a return to exercise.

Lowry says that having a private Facebook group for members will be very important in helping mothers feel connected.

“One in five mothers will experience perinatal mental health problems and support groups can help to reduce the effects of this. The more support you have, the less isolated you’re going to feel,” she says.

"Having a baby is like a marathon and not a sprint

“This platform will give mothers the opportunity to connect with moms in the same area who you may be able to form physical bonds with in the future,” Lowry adds.

The resource will also be very important for birth partners.

“Having a baby is like a marathon and not a sprint. The more the partner knows, the more support they can provide for the mother and the more positive birth experience for everybody involved,” explains Lowry.

As part of the launch, a webinar will take place where speakers and participants will talk through the challenges facing expectant mothers during lockdown.

“We will discuss what has changed due to restrictions, vaccinations, plans for labour, what happens if your partner gets COVID and visitor policy after giving birth,” Lowry explains; saying knowledge is power and women should feel confident and comfortable along their pregnancy journey.


Lowry is looking forward to her new business venture and hopes that MummyHealth can support mothers in a positive way,

“The excitement of other moms has been so rewarding,” she says. “They are really excited about the idea of this community and having access to that knowledge.

“They’re learning how they can make their pregnancy happy and healthy and that’s very powerful,” Lowry concludes.


All information about MummyHealth and its services is available here ( 

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