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MummyHealth offers expert evidence based education and support from highly qualified medical experts. We integrate antenatal exercise classes, education sessions and the fundamentals of connecting with your body with in order to support and prepare you for the changes that pregnancy will bring about before and after you have your baby.

We want mums and dads to feel safe, secure and supported on their journey from preconception through pregnancy and into parenthood so you can understand and enjoy this amazing experience.


We run regular masterclasses with different medical and healthcare experts where your questions can be answered by Dieticians, Midwifes, GPs, Physiotherapists, Obstetricians, Pharmacists, Paediatricians and Lactation Consultants.

We provide antenatal education with these leading experts in their fields.

We provide weekly exercise classes to strengthen and support your body in preparation for carrying and delivering a baby.

We provide forums for our digital community where your questions will be answered by our team of Medical and Healthcare experts.

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